Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels


The Riddle of the Balding Squirrels

Balding squirrel1 - Neil James Why are some squirrels losing so much hair in the spring that parts of them are completely bald?

Every year in April to May we get a flurry of queries relating to red squirrels that have lost large parts of their coat, leaving large areas of their body totally hairless. Often it looks like the squirrel has taken off a jacket to reveal nothing underneath. … read more

  • 26th Apr 2017, by Mel Tonkin
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Put RED on the map

121_Feeder-box loaded-Lee Renouf-Miller-Jul09-5 Spring is the best time to look for squirrels - squirrels are active with mating chasing and young squirrels to feed and with no leaves on the trees yet, they are easy to spot.  Our annual Spring Survey is underway but we need YOUR HELP to record squirrel activity in your local woods or in your garden.  Visit our website to report your squirrel sightings and help put RED (and grey) on the map. … read more

We are hiring....

HLF_english_compact_pantone In preparation for our new Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels - Developing Community Action project, we are advertising five new staff posts. 

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels is about to embark on  a new phase:  the Developing Community Action project will see us put a great deal more effort and resource into engaging with our volunteer networks over the next 5 years.

Copyright: Peter Trimming

In advance of our announcement of the start of this new phase, we are recruiting for five additional staff to support this increased activity: a new Conservation Officer for South West Scotland, a Communications and Engagement Officer, a Community Engagement Officer for South Scotland, a full-time Data Officer and an Administrator.

At the same time we are advertising for a Maternity Cover for our Tayside Conservation Officer post.

​If you are interested in any of these positions, please follow the link: 

  • 3rd Apr 2017, by Mel Tonkin - Project Manager
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2016 Spring Survey Report

Squirrel in feeder box (c) Katrina Martin, 2020VISION The report from last year's surveys is now available to download, for those of you who have not seen it yet.

In Spring of 2016 a magnificent 222 tetrads, each with 4 feeder-boxes, were completed across our project areas - that's 2,664 hair samples! The coverage we achieve with our surveys is in large measure down to the amazing volunteer effort that goes into looking after the boxes and collecting in the hair samples. 

  … read more

  • 20th Mar 2017, by Mel Tonkin - SSRS Project Manager
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Seen a red or grey squirrel recently? Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels needs your help. Please report your squirrel sighting using our dedicated online sightings page. This will help us get a clear picture of red and grey squirrel distribution across Scotland.

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