Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

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A new star species at Argaty Red Kites

DSC_6250 square Red squirrels AND red kites? Yes please! We were delighted to hear that a new red squirrel hide will open today at Argaty Red Kites. … read more

Easter Funday in Wonderland

SAM_2661 Paul McDonald (Project Officer for Argyll & the Trossachs), Lorna Hutchison and Samira Takla (SSRS Volunteers) spend Easter Sunday engaging visitors at The Lodge Visitor Centre, Aberfoyle. … read more

Caught red handed!

Red squirrel in feeder box (c) Katrina Martin
This image of a red squirrel caught red handed in a feeder box was provided to us by photographer Katrina Martin. Have you seen a red or grey squirrel near you recently? If so, please report the sighting!


Who's who? A guide to squirrel ID

Red squirrel on osprey nest at Loch of the Lowes (c) Scottish Wildlife Trust How many different red squirrels are visiting your garden, park or wood? Have you ever tried to distinguish and identify them? Well, here’s how you can - why not give it a try this winter? … read more

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