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New job opportunity

HLF_english_compact_pantone A new vacancy is soon to come up in Aberdeenshire: we are looking for a conservation professional to join the Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels - Developing Community Action project.  

We need someone to lead the work in North East Scotland to protect red squirrels from replacement by grey squirrels and work towards the complete removal of grey squirrels from the region.  It will be important to be able to inspire people to value their local red squirrels through public engagement such as talks, guided walks, events and training workshops to promote active involvement of highly motivated and well trained volunteers.

For further information, please follow the link to the advert HERE

  • 13th Jul 2017, by Mel Tonkin
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Cross Border Squirrel Symposium

Red Squirrel youngster with hazelnuts © Ronnie Stokes Saving Scotland's Red Squirrel went along to the recent Cross-Border Squirrel Symposium to encourage landowners to take action for Red Squirrels.  The afternoon was full of fascinating talks and information, check out our partners, Scottish Land & Estates, review and links to the day below. … read more

SSRS at the Game Fair

Come along to the Scottish Game Fair this weekend- we'll be there! … read more

Out and about at the weekend!

90_red on the cone - 024_Ronald Stokes_Dunoon Come and meet some of the team at the Discovery Day at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve! … read more

Summer squirrel days

DSCF6365 Most people seem to think that taking school children into the woods getting them to cook lunch on an open campfire, then giving them axes and knives is crazy. But not at Green Aspirations. … read more

Pine martens and squirrels

pine_marten_2 Scotland's pine marten population continues to grow in numbers and expand in range. The popular press have picked up on the findings of some fantastic research carried out in Ireland that was published last year. Here Dr Emma Sheehy, explains more about what she found and what she is studying here in Scotland. Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels works closely with Dr Sheehy and we await her results from the current study. Read on to find out more.  … read more

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