Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

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See you in a few years...

photo 3 Paul McDonald, Project Officer for Argyll & the Trossachs, is very sad to be leaving the project this week. Please continue to report your sightings on this website! … read more

SSRS on the BBC!

Squirrel with nut (c) Peter Trimming Ken Neil and Nick Wright speak to school children and BBC School Radio about red and grey squirrels in Scotland.

The Do's and Don't's of Feeding Squirrels

511A0587 Do you regularly feed red squirrels? Read on for a few top tips on best practise from the team at SSRS. … read more

The Spring Moult

Red squirrels moulting into their summer coat can look a bit alarming at times- learn more about the moult and what to do if you are concerned by a squirrel with patchy fur. … read more

Easter Funday in Wonderland

SAM_2661 Paul McDonald (Project Officer for Argyll & the Trossachs), Lorna Hutchison and Samira Takla (SSRS Volunteers) spend Easter Sunday engaging visitors at The Lodge Visitor Centre, Aberfoyle. … read more

The Adventures of Sandy the Squirrel

Project Officer Steve enjoys a catch-up with our old friend Sandy the Squirrel. … read more

It's Showtime Folks

Preparing for a talk in Glasgow … read more

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Scottish Wildlife Trust Forestry Commission Scottish Land and Estates
Scottish Natural Heritage Red Squirrel Survival Trust RSPBHeritage Lottery Fund