Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

Appeals and campaigns


North East towns at the forefront of efforts to save Scotland’s red squirrels

2 grey squirrel (c) Bob Coyle square Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels is urging the public to be on the lookout as recent grey squirrel sightings have been reported in crucial areas for red squirrel conservation. … read more

Squirrel Spring Antics

rusty1 Young squirrels are making their first trips out into the woods this month.  Keep your eyes open for mini-squirrels with fresh fluffy tails and let us know where you spotted them.  We'd love to hear if squirrels are breeding near you! … read more

Survey Season Approaches....

Red_Squirrel_SSRS The big focus for the SSRS team now is the annual spring survey.  … read more

How can we reduce road deaths?

13 Red Squirrel (c) Dennis Johnson We field numerous enquiries each year about what we can do to reduce red squirrel casualties on our roads. It's not a simple issue to tackle, but here are our thoughts. Photo:  Dennis Johnson … read more

Our scurry has grown!

Newbies We now have a full team of project officers working in strategic locations in Scotland. Here's a little introduction from our newest recruits; Clare McInroy (Argyll, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs) and Kate Thomson (South West).

. … read more


image1 A guest blog from Rosy of Deeside Knitwits. Rosy and the Knitwits have recently made some truly amazing knitted red squirrels which they have gifted to SSRS. Here's a bit of background into what they do and how it all started! And if you didn't know what 'knitadermy' was, you soon will! Over to Rosy.....  … read more

Squirrel at Work

UHF RS In these hard economic times, it seems that even young Scottish red squirrels need to take on a second job. Our friend Douglas has sent us a photo of what appears to be a juvenile red squirrel, hard at work, repairing a TV arial! Good luck, little one, but remember to "squirrel away" at least some of your pay... :-D … read more

This year's sightings


Project partners 

Scottish Wildlife Trust Forestry Commission Scottish Land and Estates
Scottish Natural Heritage Red Squirrel Survival Trust RSPBHeritage Lottery Fund